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Slamm Andrews

Born and Raised in North County San Diego, Slamm has been recording and mixing music for himself and his friends since he was 14.  He attended college on a music Scholarship (performance in Tuba) with a Music Major and an Astrophysics minor.  After dropping out after a semester and 1/2 to go, he started building exotic cars for Vector Aeromotive.  After Vector Aeromotive imploded from bad investor relations, he went to Trebas School for the Recording arts. From there he got a gig at Freddie Piro’s studios (Momma Joe’s and Ocean Studios where he worked with artists such as 311 and Matt Sorum.   He also learned how to build Tube consoles and even restored Elvis’s tube console from Sun Studios.  Shortly thereafter, he was asked by 311 to tour with them which put him on the road for the next 2 1/2 years. While touring, he mixed other bands such as No Doubt, Offspring, Pennywise and Stone Temple Pilots.  In 1995, he heard that the new Star Wars films were on the horizon.  He contributed as an intern for Hans Zimmer and Jay in March, 1995.  He mixed Goldfinger and Big Fish albums, and his work was so impressive, he was offered a permanent position.  In this new role, Andrews recorded and mixed Broken Arrow.

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