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Ryan Potesta

Magnets & Ghosts is an Alternative rock band and production team made up of Dean Roland and Ryan Potesta. The duo first met during the creation of Collective Soul's 2007 album Afterwords.  Discovering they had similar taste in music and when Collective Soul went on hiatus in 2010, they decided to form their own band, Magnets & Ghosts. 

They have released two albums, Mass, Influenced by bands like Radiohead, Doves and Elbow and be born, an impressive follow-up that finds them exploring their vast sound with sincere honesty and intense vulnerability. The record balances their rock roots with a pop-sensibility that transcends genres and is accessible to everyone. 

Magnets & Ghosts has recently placed music in NBC's hit show: "The Night Shift", the ad campaign for GQ: Mark McNairy, MTV Networks: "Are You the One?", "Virgin Territory", "Teen Mom" 1 & 3.

Eddie Wohl

Los Angeles based Eddie Wohl is a three time Emmy Award winning songwriter, composer, producer & mixer, whose projects have sold over 6 million units.  As an artist he was signed to Epic, Elektra, Mercury/Island and had a production deal with Roadrunner Records.  Growing up on the East Coast, Wohl was in his first band at age 15 and signed to his first record deal at the age of 25.   Wohl’s major influences growing up included Black Sabbath, Stevie Wonder, Public Enemy and McCoy Tyner.  Coming out of the NYC club/band scene he has spent many years honing his craft as a world-class songwriter and producer.  In 1999 Wohl, along with his partners, launched the iconic New York based Scrap 60 Productions, which was responsible for producing such acts such as Anthrax, Ill Nino and H2O, to name a few.

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