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Gary Bourgeois

Very early in Gary's career, he mixed the Academy Award Winning film, "The Man Who Skied Down Everest". Gary was privileged to mix for Janis Joplin in "Janis".  By the time Gary was 24, he was touring with Bob Dylan and subsequently living at his house in Point Dume, which was also his first introduction to Southern California.  Still, Gary had been mixing features in Toronto but the lure of LA studios soon became too much and they could not be ignored any longer.  At first, Gary mixed at Ryder Sound for 5 years and then was hired at Todd A-O.  This new job was music to Gary's ears.  While at Todd A-O Gary had the honor to mix on one of the best stages in LA and was also promoted to Vice President in his tenure there.  In 2000 Gary moved to Sony Studios and opened the Lancaster Theater and subsequently the Quinn, also.  The Holden Stage was Gary's home the last few years at Sony and he really loved that room. 


Since 2009, Gary has been "independent" and continues to work all over town, on all systems.  Recently, in Bulgaria, Gary mixed an excellent picture on the new S6 console. This was the first feature mixed on that system.  Gary strives to stay current but knows all too well that the work flow is only a means to make the Director tell his or her story the best way possible, and Gary has had the privilege to work with some of the best!

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